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lecturas y  Informes

Profundiza tu sanación con nuestra Divinidad

Lecturas canalizadas e informes

Image by Louise Moisao

Divine Solutions Reading 

Soluciones Divinas

Lectura de Cartas 


Ask a question or tell us what your current block is on your Twin Flame Journey and we will help you find the solution with Divinely Channeled Guidance and an oracle card reading. 


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Su lectura será entregada dentro de los 10 días hábiles posteriores a su compra. 

Image by Vo Danh

The Twin Flame

Divine Beauty Reading


FInd out the purpose of your Divine Beauty with this Divinely Channeled reading. All Children of God were created with a specific purpose to their Divine Beauty. Learning this information can help you to align with your Divine Self even more, which naturally magnetizes your Twin Flame to you. They always recognize your Divine Self. 


Only available in English

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